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Welcome to the Kiyah Clinic

Ready to resolve your gut issues and get control over your diet?​


We're glad you're here!

Our goal is to empower you with knowledge about your body, natural medicines and an intuitive approach to eating, so you can have happier digestion, healthier habits and emotional balance. We make sense of your health challenges, provide realistic advice and prescribe only the most effective herbal medicines and nutrients. We don’t believe in fads or entertain restrictive diets. Instead, we give you the tools to achieve your goals in a way that is holistic, sustainable and results-based.

Our purpose is to help women redefine what health looks like and provide them access to

genuine, informed naturopathic care.

At the Kiyah Clinic, we bundle up naturopathic consultations with supplements so that you can make some great headway with your health whilst also knowing exactly what to expect.


The icons below represent all the areas of health that we can support you with.

Click one and start your journey or scroll down to find a suitable healing package for you.



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Nutrition at Kiyah Wellness


Women's reproductive health


Woman in meditation pose with prayer hands above head


Woman in yoga pose


What Happens in a
Naturopathic Consultation?

In our online naturopathic consultations, we take the time to delve into your goals, your needs and to explore your health history. These sessions are all about you and what you want (and don't want). We provide you with a realistic plan incorporating whichever natural medicines are best suited to you. These may include herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. We can also refer you for any pathology or functional medicine testing you might need or desire.

Choose A Package To Start Your Healing

Heal Your Gut Package

Digestive issues are the worst.

The gut is the seat of all health and it impacts your skin, your mood, appetite and even your period. 


If you're feeling bloated, gassy, uncomfortable and struggling in the bathroom then it's time to reach out.


Stop trying to fix things on your own and get the expert insight you need,

Woman with digestive issues touching stomach

Emotional Eating Package

Does your relationship with food and your body feel stressful?


Do you reach for food when you're feeling down, bored, annoyed or even excited?


We know what it's like to feel controlled by your plate. Our 'Emotional Eating Package' provides the tools you need to break the cycle.

Woman with emotional eating issues devouring a cupcake

Naturopathic Starter Package

Unsure which package to choose?


Then this is the one for you! For first time clients our starter package includes:

  • An online initial (60 minute) naturopathic consultation

  • A check in call (20 minutes)

  • Plus an online follow up (30 minute) consultation

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Not sure where to start?

Start here.

Which area of health do you need to fix?

Digestive health

Digestive Health

Whether you're suffering with bloating, food intolerances, irritable bowel or something you can't quite pinpoint - we can help. Struggling with digestive symptoms can impact all areas of your life - we get it. Don't waste time trying different complex diets or supplements and hoping for the best. Ask us, we have the answers. In the Kiyah Clinic we treat issues ranging from mould toxicity to travellers diarrhoea, candida, histamine intolerance, reflux and nausea. Don't wait to heal your gut - it's the seat of all health and impacts your hormonal balance, emotional well being, skin health and immunity.

Woman's reproductive system

Hormonal Balance

We specialise in womens health. That means restoring hormonal balance and ensuring that your vulva and vagina are happy! Are you suffering with chronic thrush, bacterial vaginosis, low libido, PMS or lack of lubrication? Are your breasts sore, periods heavy, irregular, or painful? Don't suffer in silence or pass your symptoms off as normal. While these issues are common, they're still a sign from your body that something is up. Pay attention. We're here to help.

Nutriton advice

Nutrition Advice

In today's health-conscious age, figuring out the right foods for you can be incredibly confusing. Most people promote one style of eating which leaves little room for flexibility or the unique needs of our individual bodies. In our consultations, we cut through the bs and figure out together exactly what foods work for you, your needs, your lifestyle and your desires. The aim is to make food feel easy, delicious and guilt-free while also nourishing your body and senses.

Dietary Advice
Woman eating a bowl of noodles

Emotional Eating 

Are you a stress-eater? Perhaps you tend to overindulge and feel out of control around food. Whether you're aware of it or not, using food to soothe your emotions can prevent you from developing healthier coping mechanisms and it's often a contributor to digestive issues. You can re-create your relationship with food and better manage your stress by implementing an intuitive approach to eating and getting the nutritional and herbal support your nervous system really needs. Overindulgence and emotional eating patterns can show up as a way to soothe ourselves or as a rebound effect of dieting. Together we will uncover your drivers and develop a plan of attack so you can feel more in control of your eating habits, and your life.

Emotoinal Eating
Woman in meditation pose with prayer hands above her head

Mental Wellbeing

The gut and the brain communicate with one another which means stress, anxiety and unresolved trauma can directly impact our gut, and vice versa. Thankfully, we've had the privilege of working with and supporting thousands of people suffering from poor sleep, stress, burn out and low mood so we know exactly which herbs and nutrients restore balance and together in consultation we figure out which diet and lifestyle modifications will work for you personally to get you back to a place of feeling well-rested, vibrant and vital.

Stress and Fatige
Woman in yoga pose

Feeling Happy in Your Skin

We understand the desire to feel more comfortable in your skin while simultaneously wanting to avoid strict unrealistic and harmful diets. That is why we take a unique approach in our consultations. A no-diet approach, focusing on nutritional needs and caring for your body through adequate movement while addressing any underlying imbalances and reconnecting with your natural hunger and satiety cues. Our goal is always health, fitness and never changing the number on the scale. Here are some of the things you may not know which influence your appetite and metabolism. • Digestive issues • Chronic stress or anxiety • Menstrual cycle problems • Nutrient deficiencies • Undetected thyroid issues • Poor sleep • Exposure to toxins like xenoestrogens and mould • Alcohol consumption • Sluggish detoxification • Inflammation • Low muscle mass And of course inactivity, chronic dieting and emotional or compulsive eating.


You Deserve To Feel Vital, Vibrant & Confident In Your Skin

After all, your physical and emotional well-being are fundamental to your quality of life.

Start your health journey by taking our online assessment then booking a free 10 minute call.

Kiyah FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my follow up appointments? Follow-up appointments are generally proposed for two to four weeks after your initial appointment but we will discuss this in our first session together. After that, we may only need to connect every month for a couple of months, although this depends on your needs and goals.

What do I bring to my consultation? We request that you obtain a copy of any recent pathology or functional medicine testing you've had as this is always helpful and allows the initial consultation to be as informed and productive as possible.

How can I pay? Pre-payment with credit card is required upon booking but if you'd prefer to pay via bank transfer, WISE or please email us directly. Future consultations can be invoiced.

What if I need help between my consultations? For clients who require a more in-depth level of care; email contact or voice messaging to answer questions is possible and is charged at a quarter-hour rate of $50.00 aud for the time to collate responses. You may also book via the clinic for a 20 min call. Of course any quick questions re: your current treatment plan or supplements is free of charge.

Can I book a single naturopathic consultation? Naturopathic medicine takes time to positively affect the body and we see the best results when women stay connected over with their practitioner over number of sessions. If you health concern is acute you can book in for a short once off sesssion but pop us an email to organise -

More queries?

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