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Emotional eating package

Is food your drug?
If so, it's probably time to stop the love-hate relationship. 

Food can be one of our greatest pleasures but it can also rule our life. 


Emotional eating is driven by a desire (conscious or unconscious) to soothe or distract ourselves, and it doesn't discriminate. It's a common way we leave our body when things get hard and it usually happens in people who chronically diet or in those dealing with unprocessed or hard-to-face emotions.

While indulging can feel pleasant in the short-term, long term it leads to digestive issues, hormonal imbalance and a skewed relationship with food.

The 'Emotional Eating Package' gives you the insight, tools and support you need to break the cycle and get control over your plate.

Our Emotional Eating Package 

Is for you, if you..

  • Are bloated, puffy and uncomfortable in your body

  • Are suffering with digestive issues like bloating, gas and indigestion

  • Are turning to food after a stressful day

  • Are the one at the table who seems to keep eating after everyone else has stopped

  • Are overeating even though you know it’s not good for you, then feel overwhelmed with guilt, shame or self-hate

  • Binge eat, restrict yourself and binge again

  • Find your relationship with food and your body stressful

  • Have no idea what it means to trust your body or listen to it's signals

  • Have a lot of blame and self-criticism when it comes to food and your eating behaviours

Woman with big sandwich emotionally eating

Emotional eating is real, and it’s pervasive.
If you feel like you can't control yourself around food, we've got you.

Emotional eating_

When We Work Together, You'll:

Identify your triggers

Learn to recognise real hunger
Learn to listen to your fullness signals 
Trust yourself around food 

Cultivate healthier coping mechanisms
Stop mindless overeating or binges
Ditch food guilt

Address any digestive or hormonal imbalance

Learn unique principles of an intuitive eating

Let’s make YOU a priority in you life. 

Our Emotional Eating Package Package includes: ​

1 x initial naturopathic consultation (60 minutes)

1 x check-in call (20 minutes)

2 x follow-up online consultations (30 minutes each)

1 x herbal tincture (200ml) + 1 x tailored supplement to normalise appetite

Free Emotional Eating Survival Kit

Fasting insulin and blood sugar testing (optional extra)

VALUE $620

PLUS access to the Kiyah Community Facebook Support Group

In our private Facebook support group you can ask us questions anytime. You will see weekly updates, inspiration, challenges, helpful handouts, and more.

You’ll also be able to interact with other women just like you, and support one another.

Book Emotional Eating Package
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