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Has alcohol stopped being fun?

Create better habits.

Challenge Yourself, It's Only 30 Days

Stop drinking (so much) & start to livng in alignment with your highest self.

Does this sound like you?

Nights out drinking don't feel so enjoyable anymore

Drinking is messing with your gut 

Realising nothing good happens after midnight

Skipping on exercise because of drinks the night before

Eating crappy food the next day and feeling bloated

Skin looking dull and pimpley

Hangovers ruining your productivity

Feeling deep regret over what you said or did..

Feeling off track with your health for the whole next week


Yep it's nice to hang out with friends and connect, but at what cost?

Your health comes first.

I remember grieving my nights out on alcohol.
I missed being that girl who was fun & outgoing and social. 

But let's be real. I wasn't cool. I was a mess.

Sober Challenge

Create Sober Habits 

Are you sober curious? Whether or not you want to admit it, alcohol is holding you back from being a better version of yourself.


Take a break and see what benefits show up in your life. I promise you can expect glowing skin, mental clarity and a happier gut!


This 30 day challenge allows you to set your intention, commit and get the support you need through daily emails from us!


Every day you'll receive a motivational email that is equal parts educational and inspirational - exactly what you need to stay on track.


There's never a perfect time and there will always be a birthday or wedding or event. Do it anyway. 

You never regret taking a break from alcohol.

Every Sunday I swore I would never drink again (like everyone haha) but somehow a monetary investment was the first thing to date that has made me stick to it. This is the longest I've not drunk for since I was 20! My bloating has settled down and my skin looks the best it has in forever. While l'm going to drink again, the past 30 days have changed my relationship with alcohol so I highly recommend. You never regret taking a break from alcohol. I looked forward to my email every morning. It kept me on track and I learnt new things. Thank you!

Genevive, Point Cook

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