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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my first naturopathic consultation?

Upon selecting your package, you'll be invited to choose a time for your first online consultation. This session will span an hour and delve deeply into your unique needs, goals, diet, lifestyle and health history. You'll leave with a better understanding of your health as well as some achievable pieces of advice for the coming weeks ahead. Herbal and nutritional prescriptions will be sent directly to your preferred location.


Where necessary, pathology or functional medicine testing referrals are included and charged accordingly.

What happens in a follow-up consultation?

These sessions assess your progress, keep you accountable, celebrate your wins (!),  and are the time to make any necessary adaptations to your treatment plan. It's also your opportunity to discuss anything that has cropped up since your last session.

Currently, we only offer bundles of follow-up appointments. This is because more than one session is required for clients to achieve their goals and gain benefits from naturopathy,

What if I have questions in between consultations?

We like to keep consultations close together so that you feel fully supported and can get all your questions answered before too long.


For clients who require a more in-depth level of care, this is available in our three-month coaching program. Alternatively, email consulting or voice messaging between sessions will be charged at a quarter-hour rate of $50.00 AUD per 15 minutes for the time to collate responses. 

Can I book a single consultation?

We provide comprehensive consultation packages instead of individual sessions because genuine transformation is a process that unfolds over time. True change takes root when we make a sustained investment in ourselves, guided by the right support system. 

Do you offer payment plans?

A payment plan for the three-month coaching program can be considered under special circumstances. Send through an email for available options.

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