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Your Emotional Eating

Survival Guide

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If it feels like food struggles have hijacked your life, we get it. 


We know what it's like to reach for food after a stressful day, to over-eat, feel unhappy with your body, binge, restrict or over-exercise - the whole cycle. The good news is that you’re not alone and there's help to take control, improve your digestion and make positive changes to your health. 

This survival guide will transform your relationship with food. It's full of useful tips and tools to help you stop the obsession and implement an intuitive approach to eating.

10 min call with Kiyah

You Don't Need To
Navigate Things Alone.
We're Here To Help.

Reset Your Habits,
Reboot Your Life.

Feel like things have gotten off track with your health?


Before you start some fad diet or detox plan, just hold up a sec. You're better than that. It's probably time you consider making some changes that are a little more permanent. 

This program is unique. It'll reset your lifestyle, help you cultivate healthy habits and guide you on the foods best suited to your body. So you never, again, have to diet.


Expect your digestion to feel great, your energy to boom, skin to glow and concentration peak.

28 Day Program
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Challenge Yourself ~ It's The Only Path That Leads To Growth

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You can begin by taking the free assessment, acquiring some wisdom from our articles or by visiting the Kiyah Store. 

We have a range of high-quality herbs and supplements to heal digestive issues and improve women's health.

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