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Questions? Perfect, I've got answers.

Lauren Jane from Kiyah Wellness drinking a Thai iced tea


Ask in the FB Community

For all health-related questions connect with us in the private Facebook group. Remember you can always post anonymously!


Send us an Email

Feel free to send us an email query about anything order-related or for questions relating to your package and consultations.


Book a Free 10 minute Call

Your opportunity to ask questions and find out if Kiyah and natural medicine are the right fit for you.

Hold up, have you taken the free gut health assessment yet?

This is basically a free naturopathic consultation.

If you've felt off track with your health, and know you need some expert advice but just haven't yet taken that step, then you're in the right place.


Maybe you're not quite ready to work with a practitioner or make a full commitment but want to know how natural medicine can help. That's OK. We've got you.


This in-depth assessment was developed by me, an accredited clinical naturopath for you, so that you can feel better and get professional advice in the simplest way possible.


Also, it's great for understanding those sometimes embarrassing symptoms - without having to chat about them in person with your healthcare practitioner.

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