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It's Easy To Get off Track
With Your Health.

Don't worry, we've got you.

This Is The Motivation You're Looking For. 

Create the habits you want and reboot your digestion.
I promise it doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to feel like giving up all the good stuff!

Does this sound like you?

Sluggish and bloated

Feeling out of balance


Too much screen time

Need to re-think your sugar or alcohol intake

Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough movement

Want to eat better but can't bring yourself to actually do it

Overwhelmed by all the nutrition advice out there

Want to feel in control of your diet and your health

Sick of making bad decisions for your health

Woman at her laptop feeling burnt out drinking a coffee

Don't waste your time on another detox or restrictive diet.

You're better than that.

It's time to make REAL CHANGES.
Sustainable ones that become HABITS.

It's the only way you'll get control over your diet and your life so you that you can eat what you want, have happy digestion and feel comfortable in your skin. 

Woman feeling vibrant after the Kiyah Wellness 28 day re-program

During The Re-Program You Will...

Implement lifestyle habits that improve your gut & overall wellbeing

Understand the basics of nutrition

Learn to build balanced meals 
Know how to easily choose the best option from any menu
Use the key principles of intuitive eating

Learn how to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full 
No longer be concerned about how and what to eat
Improve your digestive function

Wake up feeling fresh and energetic
Sleep more deeply
Feel more focused and productive
Get sleep, movement and stress reduction tips 

Break free from food intolerances 

Discover exactly what foods are right for you and your body

This is the last challenge you'll ever need.
Get control over your gut health & feel good in your skin.

28 Day Program

The 28 Day Re-Program

The 28 day re-program challenge is all-inclusive and comes with clear instructions which make it easy to understand and implement.

It includes daily emails, educational videos and a bonus stage that ensures you are fully supported once the challenge is over and don't end up falling back into habits you'd rather not.

This is a program to heal, nourish and energize you.

It will transform your lifestyle habits, nutrition, approach to food and overall well-being.

This is not a quick fix or a weight loss challenge.

Feeling so awesome! Love the guidelines, the swap tables, the meal ideas and I think the last week was the best

Feeling so awesome! I didn't realise how inactive I was until I started the challenge. My body is really loving me at the moment. I'll be bringing these changes into my everyday life. Loved the guidelines, the swap tables, the meal ideas and I think the last week was the best with figuring out what foods suit me and actually eating just when I'm hungry! 

Kristy Weaver, NSW

What Can You Expect?

This re-program is simple.

You have a daily list to consider that incorporates some gentle nutrition guidelines with

game-changing lifestyle adaptations that anyone can manage, seriously.

Once the four weeks are complete, your mind, body and digestion will be ready and prepped to transition away from the structure of the program and implement a system that gives you the tools to eat intuitively and create your own unique diet. Yep, you won't have a reason to ever again follow the latest diet trends. You'll know exactly what your body needs.

Weeks One to Three


  • What To Expect

  • Your 7 Daily Guidelines ​

    • These revolve around wholefood nutrition; dietary choices, stress management, toxic exposure, screen time, movement, gut health and sleep.


  • Healthy swaps (+ brands) 

  • Snack and meal Ideas

  • Your macronutrient food guide

  • What a balanced meal looks like

  • No recipe, easy breakfast, lunch and dinner options

  • Easy snack ideas

  • Creating sustainable habits

  • Benefits of gentle fasting

  • How to simplify meditation

  • The power of getting your NEAT up

  • Sugar, dairy and wheat

  • Oil pulling

  • Gratitude practice


  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded women and get professional, naturopathic advice.

Daily Emails & Video Guidance

Throughout the program, you'll receive daily emails that provide extra tips, advice and information to help you better understand and move through each day with confidence and ease.

Week Four


  • Including an 8th guideline for your final week


  • Key intuitive eating principles

  • Hunger and satiety scale

Beyond The Challenge


  • Transitioning after the program

  • Create your own way of eating - a personalised diet so you never have to diet again


  • Traffic light system: Creating a unique diet that's right for you

  • Food sensitivities and intolerances chart

  • Green lights, orange lights and red lights food chart

Let's Break It Down For You

The Re-Program

Downloadable PDF and daily emails so that you can revisit the information and re-do the challenge as many times as you like.

Online Support

Online support via the private Kiyah Community Facebook Group moderated by Lauren Jane. A place you can ask any questions as you move through the program.



You will receive a macronutrient guide, meal and snack ideas, dietary swaps, intuitive eating principles, hunger-satiety scale and a unique traffic light system protocol.

Plus a BONUS Emotional Eating e-book.

This challenge is for folks who:​

Feel like their lifestyle & digestion could do with a kickstart or reboot

Want to wake up feeling fresh, less sluggish & more productive

Want to implement simple healthy habits to transform their health & body

Are keen to discover a diet that suits them & is flexible with their lifestyle

Want to improve their health but aren’t sure where to start

Want a clear & simple guide to feel better

Have tried diets before & want a health kick that's more sustainable

This challenge is not for folks who:​

Are looking for a structured meal plan to follow

Are not willing to embrace new habits into their lives

Want fast weight loss no matter what it takes

Want to rely on calorie-tracking apps to reduce fat

Want specific recipes to follow

Remember, this is not a weight loss program. We don't keep you busy with complex recipes. We don't give you meal plans. This is not a quick fix

Imagine never again needing a detox, a cleanse
or embarking upon some fad diet.

This is your way out. Make real change.

Create good habits, reboot your life and feel like the best version of yourself

Packed Full Of Wellness

Eighteen insightful resources 

Online Support Group with like-minded women

Access to Professional naturopathic support every single day

Weekly Videos & Daily emails that guide you & build your knowledge

Bonus Phase to help you create your own personalised diet so you never have to wonder what foods are right for you

All for $297

Note discounted pricing for those wanting to combine naturopathic consultation with the 28DRP

28 Day Program
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