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Woman with digestive issues touching her stomach.

Want to stop the bloating &
just eat whatever you like?!
I hear ya.

Gas, bloating, funny bowels, indigestion, food sensitivities…  I've been there - gut problems are the worst. And a bad gut doesn’t just affect your digestion. Our gut and brain are connected by a highway called the GUT-BRAIN axis so what impacts your mood impacts your digestion and vice-versa. That means digestive issues could be what's making you anxious, depressed, or irritable - and you might not even realise it.


Socialising isn't much fun when you can't eat what everyone else is, and it's never nice to feel nauseous or have to run to the bathroom.


If you're like I was, you've likely tried a million diets and enough supplements to match, but nothing has worked, or at least not for long. Figuring out 'what is causing what' on your own is near impossible. Digestive issues are usually complex which is why it's best to connect with an expert.


Let's sit down and properly investigate.

Our Heal Your Gut Package

Is for you, if you're..

  • Running to the bathroom

  • Struggling to go to the bathroom everyday

  • Bloated, puffy, uncomfortable or overly full

  • Over not knowing what you can or can’t eat

  • Struggling with reflux, heart burn or indigestion

  • Nauseous

  • Suffering with embarrassing gas

  • Noticing that your skin and hormones are being affected

  • Holding stress or feeling anxious in your gut

  • Feeling miserable, irritable, or just frustrated


Don't wait to sort your digestion out.

Your gut is central to every other system of your body.
When it doesn’t work, YOU don’t work. 

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Together, Let’s Figure Out:

What’s causing your digestive issues (both the physical and emotional factors)
How to repair your gut 
The foods that work for you
The foods that don’t work for you
Your intolerances or allergies
How to beat the bloating and misery forever

Healing the gut is where our expertise lie. Every day we help women overcome bloating, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), reflux, SIBO, candida, mould toxicity, food intolerances, histamine intolerance (I’ll explain this as we go along) and other conditions. 

Digestive system

Our Heal Your Gut Package includes: 

1 x initial naturopathic consultation (60 minutes)

1 x check-in call (20 minutes)

2 x online follow-up consultations (30 minutes each)

2 x gut-healing supplements specific to you

Microbiome or digestive stool testing available (optional extra)

VALUE $655

PLUS access to the Kiyah Community Facebook Support Group

In our private Facebook support group you can ask us questions anytime. You will see weekly updates, inspiration, challenges, helpful handouts, and more.

You’ll also be able to interact with other women just like you, and support one another.

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