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Have You Wondered if and How
Natural Medicine Can Help You?

Have you been trying to figure out the solution to your digestive health issues on your own?

Do you have some burning questions you’d love to ask a health professional?

Are you wondering what a naturopathic consultation involves or what supplements might best suit you?

Whatever your queries, specific health issues or goals, this consultation will give you the opportunity to have a free chat with an experienced and qualified naturopath.


I booked in for a free call and hung up feeling so hopeful and excited that things would get better!

“ I had issues with my gut for a really long time. I would get bloated and react to all different kinds of foods. I was so fed up with trying different diets, different supplements and nothing working for very long. After finding Lauren I booked in for a free call and hung up feeling so hopeful and excited that things would get better! We’ve been working together for three months now and I don’t have ANY bathroom issues anymore! Thank you Lauren”

Jade - VIC, Australia

Free Call Lauren Jane

About Me,

Lauren Jane

I'm an Australian naturopath, herbalist and clinical nutritionist. 

My gut health used to be a mess. The doctors told me I had IBS and did little more than give me a list of fibre-rich foods to help. I was so over feeling bloated, puffy and reacting to almost everything I ate.. I was desperate to feel better. Now here I am 20 years later eating what I want when I want and supporting other women to do the same. 

Fifteen years in this industry and a background in psychology has given me a special lens to determine exactly what you need and support you through the process. I'm never going to encourage a fad diet or try to sell you a miracle supplement. I know you're unique and I know gut health is complex. Let's talk.

Book in today to get started, and finally receive the valuable one-on-one support you deserve!

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