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Kiyah Wellness

Don't waste your time on another detox or weight loss plan.

Kiyah Wellness

Natural medicine meets intuitive eating

Struggling with digestive issues
& feeling out of control with your diet?

We Can Help You Heal Your Gut and Eat Intuitively

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Bad digestion isn't just about the food you're eating.
It’s about what we’re thinking and what we haven’t processed emotionally in our lives.
We spend so much time escaping ourselves through food, alcohol and screen time
that in order to heal our digestion, we have to heal our lives. 

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Improve Your Digestion & Feel Confident In Your Skin

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Hi,I'm Lauren

I'm a clinical naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and the founder of Kiyah Wellness.

I know what it feels like to suffer with bloating, food intolerances and other not-so-fun tummy issues. I disliked my body, used food to manage my emotions and I was clueless about how certain foods and 'undigested' emotions impacted my gut health.

That was until I decided to dig deep, do the work and complete a Bachelor of Psychology and a Bachelor of Health Science. Now I feel great, eat what I want and have a unique lens through which I help other women feel the same!

Emotional Eating Survival Guide

Stress eating & over-indulging causes digestive issues.
Get on top of it today, for free.

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Lauren is an exceptional naturopath

She is incredibly approachable, and her trustworthy demeanour always made our consultations feel safe. Lauren’s unique style was backed up with research regarding specific issues we discussed, and I found her knowledge to be very up to date. She never dismissed conventional avenues if needed, yet always made a point to consider both the physical and emotional aspects of what was happening. Something special about Lauren was how committed she was to my long-term goals. She stayed in regular contact, showing a genuine interest in my progress, long after we parted ways. I highly recommend her, not only because of her naturopathic skill but because you will leave her feeling warm, understood and supported.

Anna, Ukraine.


Know you're in good hands

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Package Options

Packages To Start Your Healing Journey

Digestive issues are the worst.

The gut is the seat of all health and it impacts your skin, your mood, appetite and even your period. 


If you're feeling bloated, gassy, uncomfortable and struggling in the bathroom then it's time to reach out.


Stop trying to fix things on your own and get the expert insight you need,

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Heal Your Gut Package

Emotional Eating Package

Does your relationship with food and your body feel stressful?


Do you reach for food when you're feeling down, bored, annoyed or even excited?


We know what it's like to feel controlled by your plate. Our 'Emotional Eating Package' provides the tools you need to break the cycle.

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Naturopathic Starter Package

Unsure which package to choose?


Then this is the one for you! For first time clients our starter package includes:

  • An online initial (60 minute) naturopathic consultation

  • A check in call (20 minutes)

  • Plus an online follow up (30 minute) consultation

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Don't ignore symptoms

They're your body's way of speaking to you. 

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