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Your Emotional Eating

Survival Guide

If it feels like food struggles have hijacked your life, we've got you. 


We know what it's like to reach for food after a stressful day, over-eat, feel unhappy with your body, binge, restrict or over-exercise - the whole cycle.

The good news is that you’re not alone and you’re in the right place to take control and make positive change. Break the cycle of emotional eating with this survival guide full of useful tips and tools to help you stop mindless overindulgence and create healthier habits!


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Break the cycle of emotional eating with this survival guide

This Survival Guide Is For You If...

  • Food is the first thing you turn to when feeling stressed, anxious, upset and excited

  • You have a habit of over-eating then restricting or exercising to make up for it

  • You're the first person to complain about your weight but can't help yourself going back for seconds or thirds

  • You often find yourself finishing a meal without quite realising it

  • You want to feel in control around food again

  • You're sick of the cycle of dieting 

  • You can end up in the fridge or pantry without even realising how you got there

  • You snack or eat while on the phone or doing things other than being present

Woman with short orange curly hair hugging herself
Photo os Lauren Jane from Kiyah Wellness

Hey there,

I'm Lauren Jane

I'm the founder of Kiyah and an Australian naturopath, herbalist & clinical nutritionist.

This book was born from the desire to create awareness around emotional eating and to shed light on how these behaviours steal from us. Specifically, how they take away our ability as women to focus on more worthwhile, valuable things in life.


I know what it feels like to use food as a way to soothe or escape your emotions. I understand the cycle and the way in which it affects your body image, digestion and relationship with food. Don't wait to face what you're doing and make a change. Take control today! 

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