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28 Day Gut Revival Re-Program


Reset your habits, reboot your life!


This program is for you if you've been:

- Feeling bloated

- Overindulging

- Not moving enough

- Feeling tired

- Having too much screen time

- Drinking too much

- Eating too much of the wrong stuff

- Not getting enough 'me' time


And, if you're sick of restricting foods in an attempt to feel better and just want to feel better!


This 28 day re-program involves 7 simple guidelines to follow and is backed up with a load of helpful resources and a bonus section that allows you to create a diet that's unique to you and your needs. No more fads, no more quick fixes, no more wondering what foods are right for you. Create realistic habits, for life.


Find out more about what the program includes, click here.

28 Day Gut Revival Re-Program

  • Note: Upon purchase, you'll immediately receive your download accompanied by a welcome email. The following morning you'll get a prep email and the next day is D-day.


    If you'd prefer to start at another time you can always access all your emails and video support through your members log on the Kiyah website so start date is flexible!

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