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Orthoplex White Label

Intestaselect 60 capsules


Nb: This is a practitioner-only supplement and requires consultation with a naturopath for prescription.


elective formulation with active constituents prescribed by naturopaths to improve the gut microbiome and address dysbiosis (bad bacteria in the digestive tract) without killing comment does not kill commensal strains of bacteria.


Traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Western herbal medicine to:


  • Relieve symptoms of indigestion and dyspepsia
  • Decrease digestive spasms, abdominal bloating and diarrhoea
  • Help remove parasites; intestinal threadworms and pinworms


Featuring delayed-release capsules for phytonutrient protection.


Free from gluten, dairy, sulfites, corn and soy

Vegan friendly

Orthoplex IntestaSelect

  • A combination of caraway oil with herbal extracts from pomegranate, garlic and nigella.


    1 capsule

    Punica granatum (Pomegranate) ext.
    ext. equiv. dry (fruit hull)
    283 mg
    3 g
    Allium sativum (Garlic) ext.
    ext. equiv. dry (bulb)
    50 mg
    2.5 g
    Carum carvi (Caraway) oil 100 mg
    Nigella sativa (Black seed) ext.
    ext. equiv. dry (seed)
    100 mg
    1 g

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